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fungus grow
  • hongos crecen

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Fungi grow on the crust, which looks like solidified vomit.
Fungi grow on toe nails when the feet are exposed to excess moisture.
The white fungus grows around the muzzles and the wings of hibernating bats.
Common fungi were commingled with the mystery stuff in the sample, and the common fungi grew faster.
During his second admission doctors took samples from the man's bagpipes, finding around least seven types of fungi growing in the moist environment within it.
Would you go to a hospital with fungi growing on all the surfaces?
There was mould and fungus growing on plates of left-over snacks and bottles of festering liquid.
As the fungus grows and spreads, the tree tries to protect itself by blocking the flow of nutrients to infected limbs.
When it's on the plant, if there's dew, the dew helps the fungus grow.

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