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funny gag
  • mordaza divertida
  • broma divertida

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Every trailer for a movie that you see will give away the most spectacular moments, the funniest gags.
The trailers have all the funniest gags, so now you've seen it!
Rather than the quest being the point of the film, it is merely an occasion to explore character and pull of funny gags.
He didn't just want to make them two cops doing funny gags.
It was by some distance the funniest gag of the night.
The movie which saw the return of slapstick humour, seems to have managed to tickle the audience with its funny gags and punchlines.
The script supplies some funny gags, but they're terribly overworked and come up with a welter of unnecessary comic scaffolding.
There are some funny gags in the episode, although not nearly as many as in its predecessor, or as clever.

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