furtively {adverb}

1. "creep, slink"
furtively (also: stealthily)
2. "peep, listen"

Context sentences for "furtively" in Spanish

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EnglishThe key point is that they do it furtively.
El aspecto clave es que lo hacen de una manera furtiva.
Englishhe winked furtively at the girl
Englishshe glanced furtively at her watch
EnglishIf it wishes to be credible, Parliament has a responsibility to prevent the Non-Proliferation Treaty from being furtively undermined in the harmonization of the common foreign and security policy.
Si el Parlamento quiere ser creíble, tiene la responsabilidad de impedir que con la armonización de la política exterior y de seguridad se socave subrepticiamente el Tratado de No Proliferación.

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