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futile gesture
  • gesto inútil

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Most of the time it's a futile gesture but just occasionally, very occasionally, it pays off and the glory is all theirs.
Yes only a futile gesture but better that than nothing.
If you wish to put your hands in your own pockets in a futile gesture to help then it is up to you, please keep them out of mine.
It will be a futile gesture if it merely becomes a matter of the mouse squeaking whenever the elephant trumpets.
Later, the same scene will return and the futile gesture of the cloth becomes a profound act in a life-altering moment.
The futile gesture is not, of course, confined to politics.
A futile gesture toward a worldview that has already passed many of us by.

Context sentences for "futile gesture" in Spanish

EnglishIt is far from being a futile gesture for us to put forward a European code of conduct.
La adopción de un código de conducta europeo dista mucho de ser un gesto banal para este Parlamento.

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