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gadgets designed
  • gadgets diseñados

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Already there are bushels of gadgets designed to track user's daily activity whether on a treadmill, hike, or in the office.
But stowed alongside the spangly array of gadgets designed to entertain guests as they frolic from sun deck to dance floor was something the cruise industry is lately preoccupied with.
We've included all that and more in this haul of gadgets designed to stimulate your burgeoning technophile's brain.
Instead, it is thought criminals used hi-tech gadgets designed for locksmiths to gain access and drive away without raising suspicion.
It is thought criminals used hi-tech gadgets designed for locksmiths to gain access, instead.
But these are just gadgets designed for passenger fun.
For this purpose special posters and leaflets were created and distributed, along with other info aids, including gadgets designed for younger children and also?
He came up with the idea after struggling to afford expensive gadgets designed to help sufferers of visual impairment.
This special, 12-page section looks at gadgets designed to improve your swing, distance, accuracy, putting, chipping, fitness and general wellbeing!
Even in their digital form, they don't seem to do very much, and the gadgets designed to hold them are, as far as gadgets go, unimpressive.

Context sentences for "gadgets designed" in Spanish

EnglishNo, only gadgets that were designed for 64-bit versions of Windows will work.
No, solo funcionarán los gadgets que se diseñaron para las versiones de 64 bits de Windows.

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