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gagging clauses
  • cláusulas de amantamiento
  • gagging cláusulas

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E tu has previously expressed concern about employer tactics to silence workers, including the use of gagging clauses in employment agreements.
He said the use of gagging clauses in such discrimination complaints was "disgraceful" and "simply inexcusable".
Civil claims brought by guardians are uncommon and usually end in settlements, which include compensation and gagging clauses.
What we know is that unenlightened employers often go to great lengths to keep victims quiet, using threats of disciplinary action, dismissal and gagging clauses.
As the state looks to the sector to deliver public services, feedback is increasingly unwelcome, with gagging clauses becoming more common.
Fifty-five of the 64 contracts supplied by the trusts to the investigation team contained gagging clauses.
All are bound by strict gagging clauses that prevent them from speaking publicly.
The contract is said to be full of gagging clauses including a $3 million fine if anyone breaches the order.
Since the 2008 agreement there are lots of gagging clauses for consultants.
No sign of any gagging clauses, breast-feeding facilities or paint inspections as yet!

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