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"gaggle of children" in Spanish

gaggle of children
  • bandada de niños
  • gaggle de los niños

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Older men often come with baggage: namely a gaggle of children and an irate ex-wife.
As a gaggle of children crowd around a clown, he smiles.
No, it's a gaggle of children having an afternoon dip in the river.
On a recent day, a gaggle of children had gathered with buckets, waiting for the well manager to show up with the key.
A gaggle of children jump around by the finish line.
They were very kind but having a gaggle of children there who were not my own was awful.
In a side room, a gaggle of children sat on school desks.
She was stepmother to three other kids and was known to have taken in a gaggle of children in need over the years.

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