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gain a benefit
  • obtener un beneficio

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And what about just drinking to gain the benefits of these compounds?
It has yet to gain the benefits of the latest pay commission.
Thankfully, you may not need to become a full-fledged microbiologist to gain the benefits of fermented meats.
You don't have to lift weights or run on the treadmill to gain the benefits of moving your body -- unless that's what you like.
No, but by attending a conference, you gain the benefit of those outside-the-lecture-hall conversations with smart people working hard on the same kinds of problems you are.
With the latter you gain the benefit of diversification, but there's no certainty of income.
You gain the benefit of in-depth thought that surrounds a topic as seen by others and views and opinions adapt to new perspectives and personal experience.
And, surprisingly, you do not have to be actually outside to gain the benefits.
Behrens adds that couples don't need to experience their bucket list items together to gain the benefits.
You don't even have to live in a sunny area to gain the benefits.

Context sentences for "gain a benefit" in Spanish

EnglishI believe that coastal areas can gain enormous benefit from a carefully established policy.
Creo que las zonas costeras pueden beneficiarse enormemente de una política cuidadosamente formulada.
EnglishThe question is whether the system has not had its day, now that almost all farmers can gain financial benefit from it.
La cuestión reside en saber si el régimen cumple o no su función, habida cuenta de que, en la actualidad, casi todos los agricultores pueden extraer un beneficio económico del mismo.
EnglishI also hope that it will help to concentrate and in future use the European budget where we can gain most benefit, as it is far too small to cover everything and solve everything.
También espero que ayude a concentrar y, en el futuro, a usar el presupuesto europeo donde obtengamos mayores beneficios, ya que se queda demasiado corto para cubrir y resolver nada.
EnglishThat is why adopting the European company statute will also enable SMEs, by establishing their subsidiaries on the different European markets, to gain greater benefit from this market.
Por eso, adoptar el Estatuto de la Sociedad Anónima Europea también permitirá a las PYME establecer sus filiales en distintos mercados europeos, para obtener un mayor beneficio de este mercado.

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