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gain altitude
  • ganancia de altitud
  • ganar altitud

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By looking at the economy in this way, we allow ourselves to gain altitude.
For some reason you were starting to gain altitude.
He was apparently struggling to gain altitude.
If the spider wants to gain altitude, it can release more gossamer to gain lift when air is moving upward.
She also felt the plane dip further before the pilot managed to regain control and the aircraft started to gain altitude.
She told him not to be so morbid, but noticed how the plane struggled to gain altitude.
The pilot informed a flight control officer of wind shear and proceeded to gain altitude, flying from 1,500 meters to the waiting area of 2,500 meters.
Go fast enough, and you can flare the suit up and gain altitude.
While the pilot was pulling the wheel to lift the nose and gain altitude, the aircraft was nosediving.
The takeoff is teeth rattling, but the engine noise seems to fade as we gain altitude.

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