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gain an edge
  • obtener un borde
  • obtener una ventaja

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As a player, winning consumed him so much that he would do and say anything necessary to gain an edge.
During combat, you'll be navigating various environmental elements trying to gain an edge.
In fact, with this volume of votes that's one of the best ways to gain an edge.
In those dressing rooms, then, there are ways to gain an edge, keep your edge.
Such is the competition for selective schools that parents will use every trick in the book to gain an edge.
The toss should play an important role, with the team batting first set to gain an edge.
To gain an edge, developers depend on a variety of tools to help understand and capture a part of the growing ad spend pie.
In reality, these stores may be just the advantage retailers need to gain an edge over their online competitors.
It would be a trophy for high-speed traders finding it harder each year to gain an edge over rivals.

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