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gain currency
  • moneda de ganancia
  • ganar moneda

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After 17 years in charge, he feels it is time for someone else's ideas to gain currency.
Having a single award would help to simplify the vocational education landscape, and make it easier for the qualification to gain currency.
This comes at a heated time, when different political sides are trying to gain currency, which misses the point.
This political context, where truths and untruths seem to be tied together in knots, has been a particularly fertile ground for bogus news sources to gain currency.
While opinions on cabinet reshuffle or otherwise continued to gain currency, the governor continued to work.
Now 24, the centre back has seen rumours about the move gain currency in the post three days, and has now finished his medical.
Such arguments gain currency in communities that distrust their religious and political leaders, and make individuals living in such communities suspicious and less accepting of moderate views.
This kind of application has to be easier to gain currency in the market for foldable electric scooter.
As the conditions of the masses remain stagnant and their frustration growing, populist movements gain currency even though they do not any offer lasting solutions to our problems.

Context sentences for "gain currency" in Spanish

EnglishThe most grotesque distortions gain currency: Brussels is supposedly home to an immense, Kafkaesque bureaucracy.
Se difunden las más grotescas distorsiones: Bruselas alberga supuestamente una burocracia inmensa, kafkiana.
EnglishThe view that the conditions under which the EU works make it almost impossible for the Court of Auditors to provide an unqualified opinion of that nature is beginning to gain currency.
Cada vez se afianza más la idea de que las condiciones en que funciona la UE hacen casi imposible que el Tribunal de Cuentas presente un dictamen sin reservas de este tipo.

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