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gain exposure
  • obtener exposición
  • aumentar la exposición

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Aitchison adds that the most appropriate way for retail investors to gain exposure to bonds is via a well diversified fund.
Germany's property market has been booming for several years, as investors look for ways to gain exposure to the country's stability and relatively robust economy.
Now in their 19th year, these free events present a unique opportunity for musicians to gain exposure to new audiences.
Real estate income trusts have long been considered a safe way for the average investor to gain exposure to the property market.
The program will provide opportunities to emerging and mid-level marketing professionals to gain exposure to the screen-based entertainment sector.
Those investors with shallower pockets might consider investing in a listed or unlisted retail trust to gain exposure to the sector.
We see it as a strong opportunity to gain exposure to a very well-run company.
While this situation may be obvious to investors, a way to gain exposure to this exciting theme can sometimes be less obvious.
But some candidates for the country's top two posts also invested in creative -- and costly -- means to gain exposure.
Interest groups, or clubs promoting specific areas of medicine, are low-commitment ways to gain exposure.

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