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gain great
  • ganar grande
  • ganar muy bien

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By adhering to these principles, marketers can gain great insight into our everyday behaviours and show the adequate respect to our privacy.
It is said that in this way we can gain great insight into our concerns.
The hospital was 2 years old and was to gain great prominence as a tropical disease centre.
You gain great experience working with those guys.
The actor added the controversy helped the film gain great pre-release publicity.
If you create an environment where people have freedom combined with responsibility you may lose some control but gain great involvement and commitment from your staff.
This would be very attractive to most people, and a definite means to gain great experience, but it may not suit everyone.
This argument has failed to gain great traction and the thought of yet another campaign would make many politicians despair but it is an idea which could gain traction.
Even one session with your local gym personal training will gain great effect.
The concept of period leave may therefore well gain great popularity as employers attempt to find novel ways to address the work life balance of employees who work extensive hours.

Context sentences for "gain great" in Spanish

EnglishCitizens stand to gain a great deal by this draft Constitution.
Los ciudadanos pueden salir muy beneficiados con este proyecto de Constitución.
EnglishIn my opinion, we stand to gain a great deal on an environmental plane.
Ahí se pueden obtener, en mi opinión, muchas ventajas medioambientales.
EnglishWe have done it elsewhere, at great gain to human health.
Lo hemos hecho en otros ámbitos, generando grandes beneficios para la salud humana.
EnglishAnd because the joystick is touch-sensitive, you gain great efficiency benefits whenever you’re writing surround automation.
Y dado que el joystick es sensible al tacto, ganas mayor eficiencia en la automatización del sonido surround.
EnglishWe would gain a great deal if we managed to export this model to the rest of the western Balkans with the help of the Macedonians.
Se ganaría mucho si lográramos exportar ese modelo conjuntamente con los macedonios al resto de los Balcanes occidentales.
EnglishAs a Member of the European Parliament and a frequent user of mobile phones, I stand to gain a great deal from this legislation.
Como diputado al Parlamento Europeo y usuario frecuente de teléfonos móviles, estoy en contra de gran parte de esta legislación.
English. - (RO) The great gain of today's extraordinary meeting of the European Council is the unity of Member States.
por escrito. - (RO) El logro más destacado de la reunión extraordinaria de hoy del Consejo Europeo es la unidad de los Estados miembros.
EnglishIt is clear that research will ultimately enable us to gain a great deal of time in our efforts to eradicate this terrible evil once and for all.
Es evidente que la investigación acabará por hacernos ganar mucho tiempo si queremos erradicar definitivamente este mal tan sórdido.
EnglishBefore we joined the EU, we regarded it as a closed structure and a closed market, to which we could only gain access with great difficulty.
Antes de adherirnos a la UE, pensábamos que se trataba de una estructura y un mercado cerrados, al que solo podíamos acceder con gran dificultad.
EnglishEuropean students, inoculated from cooperation with foreigners, have a great deal to gain and a great deal to understand from the culture which they will bring to us.
Los estudiantes europeos, inoculados de la cooperación con extranjeros, tienen muchas cosas que ganar y mucho que aprender de la cultura que nos aportarán.
EnglishFrom consoles that give you familiar functionality, to software that’s simple to use, you gain great efficiency so you can spend more time exploring your creativity.
Las consolas con funciones familiares, combinadas con el sencillo software, aumentan tu eficacia para que puedas pasar más tiempo explorando tu creatividad.
EnglishMalta, for its part, probably does not wish to act, because the country enjoys great economic gain from this type of vessel being registered under the Maltese flag.
Malta, por su parte, seguramente no quiere actuar, puesto que ese país obtiene grandes beneficios relacionados con estos barcos registrados con la bandera maltesa.
EnglishThey also gain access to a great collection of NewBlueFX effects (for Media Composer or Symphony subscribers) or audio plug-ins (for Pro Tools subscribers).
También ofrece de regalo una fabulosa colección de efectos de NewBlueFX (para clientes con Media Composer o Symphony) o de plug-ins de audio (para clientes con Pro Tools).
EnglishIt is a fact that there is a single civilisation on both sides of the Atlantic which would gain a great deal from strengthening even further the ties between its peoples.
Es un hecho que hay una civilización única en ambos lados del Atlántico que se beneficiarían en gran medida de fortalecer aún más los lazos entre sus pueblos.
EnglishThey also gain access to a great collection of audio plug-ins, and for a limited time they’ll receive a high-value Avid Store coupon that can be applied to new software purchases or upgrades.
También reciben de regalo una fabulosa colección de plug-ins de audio y, por tiempo limitado, un cupón de descuento para compras o actualizaciones de software en la Tienda Avid.

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