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gain market share
  • ganar cuota de mercado

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Coromandel continues to gain market share in its key market while poor monsoon has adversely affected its fertiliser as well as non fertiliser business.
Developers on the other hand must also find unique methods to gain market share and monetize their apps.
Free: it's a proven way to gain market share.
If they're trying to gain market share and gain it quickly, there's no other language to do it with.
Is the company sacrificing profitability to gain market share?
On one hand, enterprises are forced to optimize resources while on the other, there is an opportunity to gain market share.
Sephora continued to gain market share in all its markets and recorded double-digit revenue growth.
So, we see opportunity for organized retail chains to gain market share.
The company is struggling to gain market share with businesses, a vital component of maintaining its high margins.
The market has several small and regional vendors developing strategic alliances with global players to gain market share.

Context sentences for "gain market share" in Spanish

EnglishIt is doing this to gain market share to our detriment, but not only to the detriment of the European Union industry.
Lo está haciendo para ganar cuota de mercado en detrimento nuestro, pero no sólo en detrimento de la industria de la Unión Europea.
EnglishIt is just a pity that, in the past, this regulation was frequently abused, to disregard social standards and to use dumping prices to gain market share.
Es una lástima que, en el pasado, se haya hecho mal uso de este Reglamento, a fin de obviar los estándares sociales y de utilizar precios de dumping para ganar cuota de mercado.

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