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gain mastery
  • ganar maestría
  • ganar dominio

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Conventional approaches stunt the potential of the blind to gain mastery of environment and movement.
However, it is our right to gain mastery of events and not allow them to have a negative influence on us.
This approach makes eminent sense since it's difficult to gain mastery of everything.
We use this method because teaching is one of the most effective ways for someone to gain mastery of information.
It expands as you explore it and gain mastery, like you're peeling back layers of an onion.
The idea behind building a niche is to concentrate resources on that area and gain mastery, hence bringing substantial value to customers.
The history of humankind is a history of ambition to gain mastery over the landscape by erecting structures that resist it.
This allows children to gain mastery over each topic in a short amount of time.
Include in this, strictly, the content of the material about which students will be examined and over which students are expected to gain mastery.
Take a three-year-old, put him/her on a bicycle and see the child struggling to gain mastery, which it eventually does without losing heart.

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