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gain permission
  • obtener permiso

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Egeland said he expected agreement by next month on "a more rational speedy and less cumbersome procedure" to gain permission to take convoys to hard-to-reach areas.
It's also possible to gain permission to access other parameters, such as lists of appointments and important events.
It's taken her four years to gain permission to interview soldiers.
People, throughout all the ages, have chafed against the need to gain permission to create what they want.
Successors of that organization have attempted to gain permission to march every year since.
This organisation has streamlined the process required to gain permission to carry out repairs, and also runs training courses in the skills required.
Owners of listed properties do not have to gain permission from council to alter their properties.
The policy will require developers to gain permission from the council before changing a pub into any other type of business, or into residential homes.
As they improve, they gain permission to move lower and lower.
Their stated aims are to increase the number of customers in the area, bring larger businesses in and gain permission for more commercial development.

Context sentences for "gain permission" in Spanish

EnglishParliamentarians could play a role if they gain permission to attend the delegation meetings as observers.
Los parlamentarios podrán representar algún papel si se les permite el acceso como observadores a las conversaciones de las delegaciones.

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