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gain speed
  • velocidad de ganancia

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Based on the analysis, it can show rowers how to use their paddles or oars more efficiently to gain speed.
In order to process massive amounts of data in real time, businesses need to do whatever they can to gain speed.
Technique is just as important as physique, as is training in the right manner to gain speed.
The ride starts off fast as you go down a hill right at the beginning to gain speed.
To recover from a potentially dangerous stall, pilots are trained to push the controls forward to gain speed.
The boat pitches in the swells, we paddle like madmen to stay afloat and gain speed.
They were kind of staying on that same plane where it seems like they take off and gain speed.
Unlike captured dolphins, they must leap while travelling to reduce drag from the water and gain speed.
However, wall running seems to be just fine in the game thus enabling players to gain speed and making them a more difficult target.
Other riders learned different lessons, but the main takeaway for most was how to gain speed and display increased confidence around the race track.

Context sentences for "gain speed" in Spanish

EnglishThey will enable us to gain speed and at the same time develop legislation.
A través de ellos, ganaremos en rapidez y, de camino, desarrollaremos la legislación.
EnglishGain the speed, ease, openness, and workflows you need to bring great stories to life.
Obtén la velocidad, la facilidad, la apertura y los flujos de trabajo que necesitas para dar vida a noticias importantes.
EnglishYou gain high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all software functions, and a tightly connected “software as hardware” experience.
La experiencia es tan interactiva que es como si la superficie de control fuese una extensión física de tu software.
EnglishI hope that this House will adopt the text in its entirety, because the more precise and detailed the work we submit to the Commission, the more we will gain in effective speed.
Espero que esta Cámara apruebe este texto en su totalidad, porque cuanto más preciso y detallado sea el trabajo que presentemos a la Comisión, más ganaremos en rapidez efectiva.

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