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gain status
  • estado de ganancia

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He describes how the club helped the acting profession to gain status and respectability -- theatricals were legally classed as rogues and vagabonds until as late as 1822.
Joining gangs is usually a flight from abusive family circumstances where basic needs are unmet, in search of a chance to gain status and material possessions.
Not only are people driven to gain status and recognition by social sharing, but there is also positive peer pressure to avoid being a laggard.
Squanto discovered that his command of the language of these strange new arrivals allowed him to gain status and a greater degree of security, by acting as an interpreter.
But if you're doing so to gain status, you're actual and literal human garbage.
Focusing on the presentation of yourself to gain status, precisely what extreme selfies represent, is exactly what narcissism is.
The grandchildren of the women who lost status could not apply to gain status.
We know that they are so frustrated and so distressed that they take to aggression to defend themselves and to gain status.
Customers can pick up a physical "tag" that can be scanned and used to gain status at any of the participating cafes.
Rather than having to build up loyalty to gain status at both companies, travelers need only focus on one program to reap the benefits.

Context sentences for "gain status" in Spanish

EnglishFor some time, going back to the SARS epidemic three years ago, Taiwan has attempted to gain observer status in the World Health Organisation.
Lamentablemente, la República Popular China ha utilizado cualquier medio disponible para bloquearlo.
EnglishThe EU has a chance now to gain status as a bulwark against globalisation and this will probably be its only chance.
La UE tiene ahora la oportunidad de ganar estatus como baluarte contra la globalización, y probablemente esta sea su única oportunidad.
EnglishIts successful negotiations will help all other neighbouring countries to make additional efforts to gain candidate status.
El éxito de las negociaciones ayudará a todos los demás países vecinos a realizar mayores esfuerzos para obtener el estatuto de candidatos.
EnglishWithout negotiations being concluded, Croatian MPs will not be able to gain observer status in this House and there will be no membership.
Sin que hayan concluido las negociaciones, los disputados croatas no podrán obtener la condición de observador en esta Asamblea y no habrá adhesión.
EnglishFor some time, going back to the SARS epidemic three years ago, Taiwan has attempted to gain observer status in the World Health Organisation.
Desde hace algún tiempo, desde la epidemia de SRAS de hace tres años, Taiwán intenta obtener el estatuto de observador en la Organización Mundial de la Salud.
EnglishI am particularly pleased that the release of the latest Eurostat figures indicates that four UK regions are on track to gain Objective 1 status.
Me complace en particular que las cifras más recientes de Eurostat indiquen que cuatro regiones del Reino Unido van camino de obtener la categoría de objetivo 1.

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