"gain the ability to" translation into Spanish


"gain the ability to" in Spanish

gain the ability to
  • ganar la capacidad de
  • obtener la capacidad de

Context sentences for "gain the ability to" in English

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Cancer cells mutate and gain the ability to release lots of angiogenesis factors that tip the balance in favor of blood vessels invading the cancer.
Eventually, she will be able to learn magic and gain the ability to teleport.
We can then give better (and more careful) advice, improve our arguments and gain the ability to accommodate other viewpoints and scenarios.
With goals and strategy in place, you will avoid a messy and overwhelming approach and gain the ability to collect actionable insights from data.
Plus, you gain the ability to send gifs directly from your keyboard on supported apps.
Succeed and you gain the ability to manage livestock and entire fields full of mouth-watering fruit and vegetables.
You gain the ability to fully examine your environment while on the move and you can even maneuver while firing.
But then, in a future update, zombies will gain the ability to climb through windows.
By closely measuring inventory performance, you will gain the ability to control critical resource allocation per division and product lead times.
By looking beyond the last touch model, retailers will gain the ability to measure the multiple touch points driving sales.