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gain the opportunity
  • ganar la oportunidad

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By being silent, we also gain the opportunity to glean important information for the discussion.
In the museum space, the participants also gain the opportunity to connect with each other.
To add to the features, players will also gain the opportunity to team up with in-game buddies.
A series of powerful enemies are needed to be defeated by gamers in order for them to gain the opportunity to get any wish granted.
However, he hopes to gain the opportunity to see the theme park after his kidney transplant.
New digital divides may open as people gain opportunities on different timelines and with different tools.
Each gains the opportunity to experience an internship at the country's leading music and lifestyle magazine during 2014, along with plenty of other prizes.
Every three or so levels you gain the opportunity to select a talent, which can either upgrade your abilities or get your hands on new ones entirely.
This will allow investors to generate a safe, secure and stable income stream and take advantage of capital gains opportunities that may exist from time to time.
My main objective is to gain stage confidence and gain the opportunity to experience the limelight as well as build my profile.

Context sentences for "gain the opportunity" in Spanish

EnglishThey do not, in fact, lose anything at all, but gain the opportunity to benefit from particularly generous rules of origin.
De hecho, no pierden nada, y tendrán la oportunidad de beneficiarse de normas de origen especialmente generosas.

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