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gain wealth
  • ganar riqueza

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Another problem is that their customers, who include politicians seeking re-election and businessmen looking for a magic way to gain wealth, are almost never prosecuted.
But even if intellectual property is stolen, an individual can still use it to gain wealth.
I know of a few tanning salons who bend the regulations to gain wealth.
The reality of our world is that hard work and dedication are less reliable than ever as mechanisms to gain wealth.
Instead, political debate centres on how to balance the trade-offs and whether to compensate the losers in the race to gain wealth and consume.
Taxes shouldn't pay for the fortunate to gain wealth and the budget can not sustain the practice, pretty simple really.
This is not the same as being blessed with the ability to know the where-with-all to gain wealth and in turn be a blessing to others and the community.
He must not desire for wealth but should gain wealth only by teaching and without hurting his body and accept whatever comes to him.
If you gain wealth or assets out the proceeds of crime, you should hand them back to the state when you get caught.
Those who gain wealth believe that everything they do is ultimately done to fulfill these goals.

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