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gainful employment
  • empleo remunerado

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Do you think a sense of entitlement and a lack of willingness to "pay your dues" is a reason why people don't find gainful employment?
He stressed on the importance of education and skill development, which is the key to gainful employment, and upliftment from poverty.
This commitment is in line with its belief that youth education is central to the prosperity of our country and the key to gainful employment.
I was not in gainful employment in the course of 2015.
Additionally, gainful employment and borrower defense to repayment regulations should be allowed to stand.
Gainful employment is one of the basic social organisational mechanisms.
We are looking at better health, gainful employment, a risk- and debt-free secure future.
Most important though, is getting people -- particularly the youth -- off the streets and into gainful employment.
These efforts have greatly facilitated and also extended its scope for students obtaining gainful employment almost immediately after graduation.

Context sentences for "Gainful employment" in Spanish

EnglishGainful employment is, as we all know, more than just earning one's living.
El trabajo profesional -todos lo sabemos- supone algo más que ganarse el pan.
EnglishThe participation of women in gainful employment is still very low.
La participación de las mujeres en el empleo retribuido sigue siendo muy baja.
EnglishUndeclared gainful employment is just a euphemism for illicit work.
. (DE) Actividad profesional no declarada es una bonita perífrasis de trabajo sumergido.
EnglishMy comments start from the premise that we are talking about an upright individual in gainful employment.
En mis consideraciones parto del supuesto de que se trata de un individuo honrado que realiza un buen trabajo.
EnglishWe need to structure the economy and the world of work in such a way that gainful employment becomes worthwhile.
Hemos de configurar el mundo de la economía y del trabajo de tal manera que el trabajo productivo sea ecológicamente soportable.
English. - It is a fact that in the Lisbon strategy, the concept of 'work' relates to formal gainful employment.
por escrito. - Es un hecho que la definición de "trabajo" en la Estrategia de Lisboa es insuficiente y sólo se refiere al trabajo asalariado formal.
English   – Mr President, the number of people in gainful employment in the EU will decrease from 303 million to 280 million by 2030.
   – Señor Presidente, para 2030 el número de personas con empleo remunerado en la Unión Europea descenderá de 303 millones a 280 millones.
EnglishThe objectives in terms of child care and of being able to combine gainful employment and parenthood are particularly important.
Los objetivos en relación con el cuidado de los niños y la conciliación del empleo remunerado con la educación de los hijos son especialmente importantes.
EnglishThis could encourage an increase in precarious working conditions, to which 31.5% of women in gainful employment are already subject.
Asimismo, esto podría promover un aumento de las condiciones laborales precarias, a las que ya están sometidas el 31,5 % de las mujeres con empleo remunerado.
EnglishThere are activities carried out by both men and women which do not qualify as formal gainful employment, but one cannot deny that these activities constitute work.
Hay actividades desempeñadas tanto por hombres como por mujeres que no se califican de trabajo asalariado formal pero que uno no puede negar que constituyen un trabajo.
EnglishFor instance, voluntary, domestic and family work are all different aspects of the concept but do not fall within the traditional definition of gainful employment.
Por ejemplo, los trabajos voluntarios, domésticos y familiares son diferentes aspectos del concepto pero no entran dentro de la definición tradicional de trabajo asalariado formal.
EnglishHowever, when we are talking about self-employed activities, we must not overlook those who are involved in gainful employment in handicrafts, trades, SMEs and the liberal professions.
Sin embargo, cuando hablamos sobre actividades autónomas no podemos pasar por alto las que implican empleos retribuidos en artesanías, en comercios, PYME, y las profesiones liberales.

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