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gains achieved
  • logros alcanzados
  • logros logrados

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A repeat of that growth is unlikely, much as the absolute yield level precludes a repeat of the gains achieved in recent years.
Monetary policies should continue to focus on consolidating the gains achieved in recent years in reducing inflation.
Roach and company assured, too, that the gains achieved in the past five weeks since he camp opened will not go to waste.
Ruto asked the leaders to safeguard the gains achieved in reconciling communities in the region.
This led to a full-year drop of 6.5 per cent, which eroded most of the gains achieved in 2014 when rents rose 9.8 per cent.
He said the country is treading the right path to consolidate the gains achieved over the past few years.
The local bourse fell as much as 1.4%, wiping most of the gains achieved over the last two days.
However, the gains achieved by the miners during the war, more apparent than real because of inflation, were soon to evaporate.
Kerry appreciated the gains achieved by the operation, particularly the decimation of terror organisations operating in the border regions.
Not only are its resources shrinking amid mounting challenges, the gains achieved since 2002 are also highly threatened.

Context sentences for "gains achieved" in Spanish

EnglishHaving said that, I think it would be a mistake to reject the gains we have achieved.
Ahora bien, creo que sería un error rechazar los avances que hemos hecho.
EnglishThese gains have been achieved even though important gaps remain within the legal framework.
Estos aumentos se han logrado pese al importante abismo que aún existe entre los marcos legales.
EnglishIn the last decade, we have achieved significant gains: strong economic growth, rising per capita incomes, and a model education system.
En el último decenio, hemos logrado beneficios significativos: un fuerte crecimiento económico, aumento de la renta per cápita y un sistema educativo modelo.
EnglishPayments to the management of European firms - also and above all in the financial sector - have absolutely nothing to do with the productivity gains achieved there.
Los pagos a los directivos de las compañías europeas -incluido de forma especial el sector financiero- no tienen nada que ver con el aumento de la productividad.

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