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gal pal
  • gal pal
  • chica amigo

Context sentences for "gal pal" in English

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Give your gal pal a place to display her cupcakes (or doughnuts).
Since when can a girl not just have a private conversation while holding hands with her gal pal during a routine colonoscopy without it being deemed as "taking sides"?
While some strive hard to stand out, others revert to their 12-year-old selves who like to go matchy-matchy with their best gal pal.
What if she wasn't so engrossed in conversation with her gal pal?
But what about potential members who want to catch up with a gal pal over a hamburger?
Even without makeup on, it was clear the mystery gal pal was a model.
With a flushed face, a stuffed belly and a full heart, you would be doing yourself a favour as much as you would be doing one for your gal pal.
Your gal pal is unavailable until further notice.
Take your sister or a gal pal shopping for that important second opinion.

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gal noun
pal noun
pen pal noun
to pal verb