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gala concert
  • concierto de gala

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At the moment a gala concert and rally are in progress.
The gala concert began with a performance reproducing the restoration work.
Fox said the ancient custom of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" has been the inspiration for the gala concert.
The occasion was a gala concert being held in the week leading up to what would have been his father's 70th birthday.
With total yet unobtrusive control, he inspired strong and focused performances from every performer, both child and adult, in this noteworthy gala concert.
Each year there is gala concert, which brings together many groups from all over the country.
Competitions were held throughout the day, and a gala concert was held in the evening.
The schools then put on a combined gala concert in the town hall last night.
After all, they've been part of the community for 25 years now -- they'll be celebrating that anniversary with a gala concert of music...
This gala concert commences at 8pm sharp with doors opening at 7.30pm.

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