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galactic centre
  • centro galáctico

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A double-star system wanders too close to the supermassive black hole at the galactic centre.
And then the scientists assume -- as usual - "a supermassive black hole three million times as massive as the sun" in the galactic centre.
And then the scientists wonder over observed star formation around the galactic centre.
As expected, they found the signal in the latter to be stronger, given that dark matter should be densest where there are more stars - in the galactic centre.
But the southern view of our galaxy is of particular interest because it includes the galactic centre.
Giant dust clouds block most of the starlight coming from the galactic centre.
In the lower right side of the image, ionised gas can be seen in a bright spiral surrounding the supermassive black hole at the galactic centre.
Now we are just about 30,000 light-year away from the galactic centre.
On their travels about the galactic centre, they are affected by the gravity of other clusters, as well as by large clouds of gas that they pass close to.
Sharma worked out how the speed of circular orbits changed with distance from the galactic centre (called the rotation curve).

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