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galactic evolution
  • evolución galáctica

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Despite their importance to the understanding of galactic evolution, the formation of massive stars is a difficult process to study.
His purpose was to study them for unusual redshifts among their members -- and to improve our knowledge of galactic evolution.
These two conclusions... formed the basis for contemporary studies of galactic evolution.
Lenticular galaxies are believed to be an intermediate state in galactic evolution -- they are neither elliptical nor spiral.
The research is shedding light on the crucial role that this hot plasma plays in galactic evolution.
Hubble's observations of this process shed light on how supernovae can affect the dynamics and chemistry of their surrounding environment, and thus shape galactic evolution.
This gas makes up 99% of the interstellar medium and provides the raw material for galactic evolution, driving the birth and death of stars.
Our galaxy, like most spiral galaxies, contains a central bulge that is filled with older stars that could help scientists better understand galactic evolution.

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