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galactic plane
  • plano galáctico
  • avión galáctico

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As our solar system completes its orbit around the center of the galaxy every quarter billion years, it periodically crosses the galactic plane.
From top to bottom the outflows extend 50,000 light-years out of the galactic plane, equal to half the diameter of our galaxy.
However, where the bubbles are perpendicular to the galactic plane, the gamma-ray jets are tilted at an angle of 15 degrees.
If dark matter should work on the galactic plane, it logically also should work in the solar system plane since this is an integrated part of the galactic orbital motion.
If the whole universe is rotating, then an excess number of galaxies on the opposite part of the sky, below the galactic plane, should be whirling in a clockwise direction.
Newly discovered gamma-ray jets (pink) extend for 27,000 light-years above and below the galactic plane, and are tilted at an angle of 15 degrees.
Of particular note are the huge streamers of cold dust that reach thousands of light-years above and below the galactic plane.
Our solar system is anywhere from 15 to 100 light years north of the galactic plane.
The dark band running horizontally across the center corresponds to the galactic plane.

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