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galactic rotation
  • rotación galáctica

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Just as they did when the gravity model was contradicted by the "galactic rotation anomaly"?
The very same happened also when the "galactic rotation anomaly" was discovered.
Thus, the "galactic rotation anomaly" is logically explained and solved.
However, galactic magnetic fields can not explain galactic rotation, let alone galaxy cluster dynamics.
The paper confirms that a statement like "regular gravity with normal matter does in fact explain galactic rotation" is totally false.
Galactic rotation speed is just one phenomena supporting dark matter, an alternate explanation has to account for all of them.
The very concept of gravity is contradicted by the observation of "the galactic rotation anomaly" - which gave rise to the dark matter concept.
So, are we just saying that this new work shows that regular gravity with normal matter does in fact explain galactic rotation after all?

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