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galaxies merge
  • galaxias se fusionan

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As the galaxies merge, stars within the galaxies are knocked off their original orbits and sent on new paths.
When the galaxies merge, so do the black holes at their centres, creating powerful gravitational waves.
When the galaxies merge, the night sky will become brighter.
Until now, however, it was not possible to conclusively predict the point at which gravitational waves are triggered and spread throughout space when galaxies merge.
When galaxies merge, their resident black holes are sent into forced marriages, orbiting each other.
As galaxies merge, gravitational forces cause the gas in the disks of the colliding galaxies to fall directly toward the supermassive black hole.
Astrophysicists use computer models to predict how often galaxies merge and form supermassive black hole binaries.
That same disruption, however, is expected to destroy any spiral structure as the galaxies merge into one.
Most galaxies harbor huge black holes in their cores, and when two galaxies merge to form one, those black holes end up circling each other in a tight do-si-do.
This results when the neighboring galaxies merge due to gravity and the infalling gasses collide.

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