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galaxy cluster
  • cúmulo de galaxias

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It is believed that different types of supernovae are responsible for spreading distinct elements across the galaxy cluster.
The galaxy cluster, located 8.5 billion light-years away, is the most massive structure yet found at such great distances.
The result is the best image yet showing the distribution of dark matter in the galaxy cluster.
The image shows a galaxy cluster, with objects at different distances and stages in cosmic history.
This object is close to the distance limit expected for a galaxy cluster.
This galaxy is part of a galaxy cluster that has been...
The galaxy's light was magnified by the galaxy cluster that dominates the image.
Simionescu and her colleagues showed they detect iron, magnesium, silicon and sulphur all the way across a galaxy cluster for the first time.
However, because these stars are inside a galaxy cluster they were much harder to identify.

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