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gall wasp
  • avispa de agallas

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The diabolical wasp finds the gall wasp's burrow, which is known as a crypt, and deposits an egg inside.
We're delighted to report that the effort was a success; it effectively stopped the gall wasp's invasion.
This happened because, in addition to plant stress and gall wasp problems, temperatures were too low during blossoming.
The gall wasp infestation has been costly to the islands.
The fight against gall wasp is starting to work.
Now, only two years later, the team is wrapping up the project, which has turned the gall wasp from a plague to a minor pest.
Some species of predatory wasps, called parasitoid wasps, feed on gall wasp larvae.
The exit hole is too small and the gall wasp gets stuck at the emergence point.
When the egg hatches, the larva takes over the mind of the gall wasp and manipulates it into digging out, researchers explain.

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