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Sheer determination won out and the pair completed the whole 120km course in 11 hours 45 minutes 32 seconds, a gallant effort.
They deserve suitable plaudits for a gallant effort.
I think if a father is making a gallant effort to save the farm, he should be given some respect and time to do that.
In that case, the public should be moved by what seems like a gallant effort to protect those powers.
Phachara, on the other hand, had to produce a gallant effort to secure the 24th and final spot to the match play rounds.
It took the gallant effort of his personal security before he was taken out of the place.
So large is the national debt it will fall to the lot of a future generation to pay it off; the gallant effort by the current administration notwithstanding.
After a gallant effort today, they fell short to a far more experienced, and steely outfit.

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