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gallery devoted to
  • galería dedicada a

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A gallery devoted to wide, shallow landscape-format depictions of the ballet workshop, recalling ancient friezes, is particularly effective.
In a gallery devoted to the art of these islands, we have a yearning to see the whole story unfold, to make sense of its development.
Sauvage to showcase its collection in a gallery devoted to the art and beauty of the poster.
The teapoy in the middle of the gallery almost looks out of place in a gallery devoted to art.
There is also a gallery devoted to falconry as part of a wider focus on conservation.
Inside the restaurant, which doubles as a boutique hotel, there was a small gallery devoted to local artists' work and the landscapes seemed to issue me with a personal challenge.
But the gallery devoted to contemporary, often conceptual, art is already getting a mixed reception.
There's also a side gallery devoted to printmaking, in which incomplete proofs can have their own status as semi-artworks.
Interactive panels and a children's gallery devoted to biodiversity and ecology are great for kids.
Spread over 11 acres, it comprises an indoor gallery devoted to the display of various exhibits, models, records, photographs, documents and over 100 real size engine exhibits.

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