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gallery display
  • visualización de la galería
  • escaparate de la galería

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Here it's the visually dazzling wall of engines -- dozens displayed on a bright orange wall -- that draws comparisons to an art gallery display.
She added she did not believe the inclusion of pubic hair in the image had prompted the ban, as the gallery displays other nude paintings.
The gallery displayed a collection of screen-capped tweets.
So, the gallery displaying all of the obsessive detail inside the land will have to wait.
The museum's 11 massive galleries display, in total, more than 30,000 priceless artifacts spanning 400 years.
The gallery display on the webpage is just to let you know that what the company claims, works accordingly.
Adjacent to the galleries displaying pre-mechanised travel, are the railways and heavy mechanised transportation sections, which resemble a railway platform and a bus depot respectively.
Nine galleries display the artefacts in a clever arrangement that never has you out of sight of the ship itself.
An adjoining art gallery displays an impressive collection of more than 60 paintings of aircraft, along with dozens of finely detailed model aircraft.
For those seeking respite from waterlogged extremities, however, there is a wonderful cultural surprise at hand: a world-class open-air art gallery displaying some of the world's most significant modern sculpture.

Context sentences for "gallery display" in Spanish

EnglishYou can't edit all the file types that Photo Gallery can display.
No se pueden editar todos los tipos de archivos que se pueden ver en la Galería fotográfica.
EnglishDisplay the Gallery theme that you want to add the graphic to.
Visualice el tema de Gallery que desea añadir a la imagen.
EnglishWindows Live Photo Gallery can display digital photos from cameras and scanners, but it can't display photos that use some file types.
Galería fotográfica de Windows Live permite ver fotos digitales de cámaras y escáneres, pero no las fotos que usan algunos tipos de archivos.
EnglishIf you remove a folder, Photo Gallery will no longer display the pictures and videos that were in that folder, though the folder will remain on your computer.
Si quita una carpeta, la Galería fotográfica dejará de mostrar las imágenes y vídeos que contenía, pero la carpeta permanecerá en el equipo.
EnglishTo view or edit a photo that Photo Gallery can't display, you can change the photo's file type to a format that Photo Gallery can display or edit.
Para ver o editar una foto que no se puede mostrar en la Galería fotográfica, puedes cambiar el tipo de archivo de la foto a un formato que se pueda mostrar o editar en la Galería fotográfica.