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gallery installation
  • instalación de galería
  • instalación de la galería

Context sentences for "gallery installation" in English

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It could almost be an art gallery installation.
The collection wasn't presented as a runway show but as part of an art gallery installation.
Moyer's selection of works for the second gallery installation resonated less with me and the overall scale of the gallery swallowed up much of the work.
He also has worked on numerous permanent collection gallery installations and reinstallations.
Gallery installations are to proceed through 2013.
This ungainly elegant shelf becomes display stand, gallery installation and sculpture.
Thanks to inexpensive printing and ready-to-go frames, you can create a gallery installation in your own home!
Wisetwo has also ventured into canvas paintings for gallery installations, giving him a powerful approach to spreading his message of political, social and economic awareness mixed with aesthetically pleasing artworks.
The gallery installation mixes video and objects.
Similarly, his gallery installations only exist for the duration of the exhibition, but they live on through a photographic record.

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