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gallery representation
  • representación de galería
  • representación de la galería

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I'm really excited about some of the emerging artists who don't have gallery representation.
The reason no living artist is on this list is mainly that living artists have gallery representation, and galleries don't like buying and selling at auction.
They have bought work from artists just out of art school, from artists with no gallery representation, and from artists with long-standing, successful careers.
As the field of traditional gallery representation becomes increasing restrained, artists are looking to other commercial opportunities for both visibility and sustainability of their practice.
Women make up half of all working artists, but their representation -- whether we're talking collections, or media coverage, or gallery representation -- takes up a significantly smaller chunk.
Which is why it's fascinating to me that the imprimatur of high prices is still conferred almost exclusively on those artists with high-profile gallery representation.
I don't have any gallery representation at the moment, and sell most of my work from my website or by word of mouth.
Joyce helps artists transform their careers and find gallery representation where their art is sold to collectors, art lovers, museums, and corporate art collections.
Unlike many comic-book artists, he has since his early years had gallery representation and exhibitions of his work.
Artists, who want to have a crack at the art scene, usually rely on gallery representation for their first break.

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