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gallery sell
  • galería vender
  • venta de galería

Context sentences for "gallery sell" in English

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And there are a lot of galleries selling art for white walls.
Back in the 1970s, there were only a handful of galleries selling art around the country, and no one was making great riches from it.
There's a beauty spa, a wine bar and a gallery selling artworks that cost tens of thousands of pounds.
Joburg has dozens of galleries selling expensive art.
They could set up shop at the art gallery selling alcohol on the lawn without having to build a fence.
He first used the technology to help galleries sell art that appeared in promotional videos.
Old smallholdings have become shops, boutiques and galleries selling art works and decorative toys to weekend visitors from the towns.
At least four different galleries sold his work, sometimes two or three examples at a time.
In the streets behind, a maze of shops and galleries sell contemporary art showcasing vibrant new talent, as well as boutique stores and bric-a-brac.