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gallery show
  • galería mostrar
  • exposición de la galería

Context sentences for "gallery show" in English

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Next up: a gallery show featuring an interactive installation.
Well his fantastic work is finally getting the gallery show it deserves.
The fish bag is part of the current gallery show featuring 12 local emerging artists.
The above gallery show just how the boots went all the way from the drawing board to the imposing footwear they are today.
To conclude the series' first season, the remaining three contestants had to each create their own gallery show using themes of their own choosing.
The artistic community banded together to get the word out and make the spontaneous gallery show a success.
Cohoon is hoping to get it into a gallery show later this summer.
Your small gallery show needs to flex a muscle in order to receive any attention.
The last is about to stage her first gallery show just as the fighter's world is coming unseamed.
Many of the objects included in the gallery show will be more fully analyzed in the book.

Context sentences for "gallery show" in Spanish

EnglishI am afraid I must remind our guests that the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure do not allow those sitting in the gallery to show either agreement or disagreement with what is being said.
Me temo que debo recordar a nuestros invitados que el Reglamento de este Parlamento no permite a quienes se sientan en la galería mostrar su acuerdo o desacuerdo con lo que se está diciendo.