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In this case, the beam is an ultraviolet one formed by a gallium nitride semiconductor that requires roughly a millionth of a watt to operate.
The researchers used a gallium nitride semiconductor in the "proof of concept" tests.
Here they decompose to release gallium and nitrogen atoms, which form a gallium nitride film that can be peeled off and sliced into substrates.
Gallium nitride transistors can also switch at high frequencies.
Could this tried-and-true process be adapted for gallium nitride?
Bhattacharya's emitter is a single nanowire made of gallium nitride with a very small region of indium gallium nitride that behaves as a quantum dot.
When cars move to gallium nitride switches, the separate coolant system will be unneccessary because the heat emitting from a car's battery will be minimal.
What you really want is a substrate sliced out of a large, pristine crystal of gallium nitride itself.
The problem is that adding indium atoms puts the crystal structure of gallium nitride under stress, which leads to poorly performing devices.
Some believe silicon will run out of steam, and something else, like gallium nitride, will progress faster and create a new law with new materials.

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