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gallon of gas
  • galón de gas
  • galón de gasolina
gallon of gasoline
  • galón de gasolina

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Add a requirement that a cup of coffee can't cost more than a gallon of gas.
It carries onboard the energy equivalent of less than half a gallon of gas.
That would have meant more than $5 for a gallon of gas.
That's additional cost over and above the price of a gallon of gas, not instead of it.
The world is 75% water, and there's said to be more energy available in one glass of water, than a gallon of gas.
Generating a gallon of gas from oil takes one gallon.
Just one staggering example: generating a gallon of gas from oil takes one gallon; generating a gallon of fuel from corn takes...
Groceries cost 20% more, a gallon of gas costs 25%more, and average tuition at a community college increased 44%.
She is one of many state inspectors who make sure a gallon of gas is actually a gallon of gas.
Compare that with the 20 pounds you get from burning through a gallon of gasoline.
However, a gallon of ethanol costs approximately 17 percent less than that of a gallon of gasoline.
Indeed, the energy required to produce one pound of beef is equivalent to a gallon of gasoline.
It actually takes 20% more oil to produce a gallon of diesel than a gallon of gasoline.
Look at what they have to do to put together a gallon of gasoline.
No battery comes close to matching the energy that can be packed into a gallon of gasoline, called the energy density of the material.
Producing a gallon of gasoline, said the authors, takes about 1.5 gallons of water.
The public pays about $2 for natural gas that provides the equivalent energy of a gallon of gasoline.
Even more surprising is that a gallon of gasoline is even cheaper than buying a gallon of milk.

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