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galloping ahead
  • galopando por delante

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But the divide is notable with fresh evidence showing wages are galloping ahead in the province, while workers continue to boost its population numbers.
With medical costs galloping ahead of inflation, having sufficient health insurance is a must for everyone, let alone a woman.
But interest in the sport is galloping ahead and the state will soon have five campdraft events, with the introduction of a new one this month.
That's in large part why pension costs keep galloping ahead even though the stock market has more than doubled since 2009.
The growth rate is slowing while credit growth is galloping ahead at an unsustainable pace.
The disease is spreading quickly through this country, the fear galloping ahead.
The tone he wants arrives like a late friend, lifting softly, galloping ahead with the music, leaving behind the ghost of a life's wreckage.

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