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galloping inflation
  • inflación galopante

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Scholars alleged they knew how to manage "creeping inflation" before it morphed into "galloping inflation," the unstoppable animal.
Thanks to "galloping inflation" tough, prices have risen every year.
This is starkly demonstrated in the existential agonies of her citizens -- pandemic poverty, pervasive unemployment, decreasing income, infrastructural decay, galloping inflation, etc.
But we are constantly facing major problems of the basics in daily life, like the galloping inflation.
Government has failed to control the galloping inflation.
She cited the stringent measures taken to control the galloping inflation.
These are mind-boggling deals, especially at this time of galloping inflation.
What happens to those that retire at the start of galloping inflation.
But in a country with a stagnant economy and galloping inflation, why bother spending so much just to decorate a lorry?
The oil-rich country is suffering the third year of a recession that has sparked product shortages and galloping inflation.

Context sentences for "galloping inflation" in Spanish

EnglishThere is no doubt that the continent's differential is now positive, and Latin America is no longer the continent of galloping inflation, military dictatorships or trade debts.
Sin duda el diferencial del continente ahora es positivo y Latinoamérica no es el continente ni de la inflación galopante, ni de las juntas militares, ni de la deuda comercial.

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