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galvanize public
  • galvanizar público
  • galvanizar al público

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In that case the union organized intense information campaigns and used local media to galvanize public opinion.
The motive, the conspiracy theorists argue, was to galvanize public opinion in order to justify a high-handed crackdown.
Dunlop's photographs helped galvanize public opposition to the production and distribution of landmines worldwide.
With each passing day, the students seem to galvanize public support in their favor.
Her plight helped galvanize public attention and outrage to what is widely perceived as an extortion racket by crooked airport personnel who have victimized many air travelers, including foreigners.
The arts can help galvanize public awareness of urban issues.
Maybe a single searing image is what's sometimes required to jolt people out of their lethargy, galvanize public interest and brew popular demand for a fuller response.
Protest organizers continue to monitor censorship and galvanize public opinion at scienceuncensored.ca.
The case helped galvanize public opinion about the insidious -- even though unofficial -- rules of racial segregation.
His party vehicles excite the imagination and galvanize public involvement in political demonstrations of those lower in the social scale often from economically stressed regions.

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