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The kits will also contain plywood, lumber, galvanized iron sheets, hammer, saw, nails, and labor component.
The shelter repair kits contain plywood lumber, corrugated roofing sheets, galvanized iron sheets, assorted nails, a saw, and a hammer.
They live in makeshift houses with dirt floors and impermanent material of plywood, galvanized iron sheets and cardboard.
Galvanized iron sheets flew around and, the following day, all was calm but people were crying over the unexpected devastation of the idyllic island.
Galvanized iron sheets were put up around the lot in an attempt to cover up the dirty pool.
A makeshift dressing room was set up along the main street, with walls of galvanized iron sheets and an old rickety wooden door.
Residents of typhoon-ravaged towns are complaining of the sudden increases in the prices of galvanized iron sheets, iron nails, lumber and other construction materials.
Their hands were tied with galvanized iron wire and their heads were wrapped with packaging tape.
To reinforce the structures, the walls are laced with galvanized iron wire mesh, tied together to form so-called ring beams.
They came into the advance dressing station, some naked, some on pieces of galvanized iron utilized as stretchers.

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