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gamble the money
  • apostar el dinero

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In gambling the money you stand to win depends on the amount you put in.
Otherwise, your pitch would be an exercise in requesting for more gamble money.
The private organisers decided to ahead with the evening's plan, gambling the money that has been pumped into arranging the events.
The next task, they gambled money and were told what the other person's outcome was based on the same gamble.
But nobody should ever gamble money they can't stand to lose.
Betting on video games is the newest way for people to gamble money, which is something that has happened pretty much since the concept of money existed.
Because money's tight, he can't dive in and just gamble money on players.
Of all adolescents surveyed, 42% reported that they had gambled money or something of value in offline (land-based) gambling or online gambling.
Greece used to boast a bold enterprising culture, but now people dare not gamble money on new ventures in case they don't get paid.

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