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gambling debt
  • deuda de juego

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During five interviews, he admitted that he had a gambling debt.
He said he had agreed to transport the drugs in order to pay off a gambling debt.
He said investigators have no evidence to support the debt was drug-related and do not believe it was a gambling debt.
Mailer, then aged 26 and already a best-selling author, had received a begging letter from his father, who needed $3,000 to settle a gambling debt.
Contracts to do something illegal are ordinarily unenforceable (e.g. collecting on an illegal gambling debt).
A gambling debt would probably come under the spotlight.
Is it depressing that pea plants can judge risk while some of us -- actual humans, with actual complicated brains -- fall into gambling debt all the time?
He also denied rumours that her death may be linked to a $500,000 gambling debt he had run up.
It was definitely tough for the family with all that gambling debt.

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