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gambling disorder
  • trastorno del juego

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There is a new diagnosis of gambling disorder.
Surely a better definition of gambling disorders is a good thing?
I'm not saying that there might not be a continuum of gambling disorders and their severity.
Gambling disorder is another interesting example.
Their primary concern is to connect sufferers of gambling disorders with the support, treatment and hope needed for consistent recovery.
Population genetic and neuroimaging studies, combined with psychology data outlining cognitive distortions and biases, have demonstrated the validity of gambling disorder as a process addiction.
Problem gambling counselors say veterans, particularly those who served in combat, develop gambling disorders at a substantially higher rate than the general public.
Gambling disorders are associated with very serious harms, making them a legitimate focus of public concern.
The problem is when one gets addicted and loses his control over the impulse to gamble leading to an illness called gambling disorder.
For example, tax revenues generated from legalized sports betting might be offset by the social costs created by those with gambling disorders.

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