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gambling establishments
  • establecimientos de juego
  • establecimientos de juegos de azar

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But, as a society should we impose limits on licenses on drinking and gambling establishments?
The same could be true of women working in bars and gambling establishments.
Police say the suspects are security personnel at various illegal gambling establishments.
Counsel said his client has since got himself barred from three gambling establishments to assist him in controlling his addiction.
Of the nearly 240 tribes that run more than 420 gambling establishments across 28 states, half distribute a regular per-capita payout to their members.
Age verification similar to that conducted in sales of alcohol will be introduced in gambling establishments, while young people will be banned from working in betting shops.
He further noted that persons who purchase from illegal gambling establishments could be fined up to $200,000.
Are there tax concessions for gambling establishments that masquerade as sports or veterans clubs?
They were only selling to gambling establishments, so what's the point?

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