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gambling habit
  • hábito de juego

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After all, whoever heard of a bookie or a croupier with a gambling habit?
And not just a spender; he also had a gambling habit.
Hence, the findings are upsetting to most with most of these students paving their way to forming a gambling habit.
Smith admits having a gambling habit, but said she would never steal to fund it.
Gale said he always has worked in an office to support his gambling habit.
He said he originally used monies from his office account to fund his gambling habit.
She was going non-stop about his gambling habit.
The authorities estimated that he lost $62 million feeding his gambling habit.
She embezzled $1.3 million from her company over almost four years by forging more than 200 cheques to feed her gambling habit.

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gambling noun
habit noun
bad habit noun
gambling den noun
to kick the habit verb
gambling addict noun
to get into a bad habit verb
to habit verb
to break of a habit verb
healthy habit noun